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Earn Crypto on Coinbase Earn

Matt here with Crypto Blick. Just wanted to get you started on Coinbase Earn and show you how you can earn cryptocurrency just by learning about different cryptos that are out there. So let’s get started down here on my laptop and I’ll show you what to do.

Alright, so you’re going to come over here to Coinbase actually what I’ll have you do is, the best way… alright so what you’re going to do is go to, then click on “Videos” and it will take you down here to what you should learn. One thing to keep in mind when you are doing these videos to earn crypto… you’re going to need to have a Coinbase account setup. You can’t just do this willy-nilly on the side, you have to actually have a Coinbase account setup and you also have to have spent $100 on Coinbase in cryptos. So whether you buy Bitcoin or Etherium, or some other token, you need to have that set up first and foremost. 

This is part of the video is for learning about crypto in order to earn some extra… depending on the exchange rate where things are at… you may earn between $35 to about $50 worth of crypto.

It’s not a whole lot of money but all these videos give you a way to experience cryptocurrency and get an understanding as to what it’s like to own some. And you’ll be able to learn about the different aspects of each currency and what they do. Because you have to stop thinking about cryptocurrency as an actual hard currency. That’s not what it is. It’s software. These videos will help you understand certain aspects of what they do, whether they are currencies or contracts, things like that, it will help you understand and learn more. And as a reward from Coinbase, they can give you some crypto for taking the time to learn.

Anyway, let’s hop on down here to the different videos. Alright, I’m already signed into my account. You’ll come here and you’ll see “Get Started.” It will show you a lesson which I’ve already completed myself. So let’s do the first one… you earn $4 in OXT token. It’s a 2:40 video. I’m not going to play for you. Just learn it yourself. You’ll have a little quiz at the end of the video… a multi-choice quiz. And if you get it wrong, they also give you an option to repeat it again and take the test.

It’s very easy. They just want you to learn. That’s it, you’re going to learn about “What Orchid is,” you’re going to move on, you’ve got lesson 2 “How do you use Orchid?” Same thing. You’re going to have a test at the end and then “How does Orchid keep data private?” That’s lesson number 3. Then the 4th lesson for you is what I’m doing here as well… you can invite your friends to get on and use the link, it’s a referral link, and you can have up to four people learn as well. 

So, that is Orchid.

Alright, let’s come over here to come back to Then the same thing with XZT, or Tezos, you’ve got DAI, you’ve got EOS, and then you got the Stellar Lumens token. 

I’ll go through each token for you. You’re going to pull up Tezos. You can you get $2 worth of Tezos. You’re going to learn what it is… this is a very interesting blockchain. Very unique. It’s changing quite a bit even as I’m learning myself about crypto. “What is Tezos banking.”

You’ve got lesson 3, “How does Tezos upgraded itself?” So there is Tezos.

There is DAI. You can earn up to $6 worth of DAI. Lessons are “What is DAI?” “What is DAI used for?” “How does DAI stay stable?”… also keep in mind “Generate DAI with Maker”… this is something that they have turned off. You use to be able to earn some more DAI by joining in the process and learn how to use Maker. They have, I guess, you can’t stake any more DAI right now. They’ve limited the amount can give out so right now you can’t do that at this time. This can change by the time you watch this video… they may allow you to gain more DAI from the platform but for right now it’s not available.

Alright, so then we go down to EOS.

You can get up to I believe it’s $52 EOS in dollars. You know the lessons are “What is EOSIO and EOS?” “What is Delegated Proof of Stake?”… instead of Proof of Work… “What is EOS token” “CPU, NET, and RAM: Resources on EOSIO” “Developing apps with EOSIO” and then, of course, you have here where you can invite your friends… will up to 4 people with that referral link. It is a great way to educate other people and to get them on board as well. 

Next is Stellar Lumens. Click “Get Started.” You can do $2 here of XLM or Stellar Lumins. First lesson is “What is Stellar?” like I said I’m not going to play the videos. Next “Sending Remittances was Stellar.” So that is a completely different idea in terms of what it does instead of say Bitcoin. “How Banks, businesses and People use Stellar”… and then of course “How does Stellar protect digital assets?” 

You’ll learn everything you need to know about Stellar that way and then, of course, the last lesson is you can get your friends to join with this referral link. You get $10 worth of Stellar Lumen tokens if they sign up and they do the lesson and then they also get it by going through the lesson themselves. That is Stellar. 

There are a couple other ones here as well… they are Zcash, but you don’t get anything from it. Basic Attention Token… so I have this as a separate step on the site. I didn’t worry about this one because the brave browser was already on my computer. So I couldn’t actually earn that $8 worth of BAT, but maybe you can do that instead. That’s up to you. I just already had the browser downloaded and I was already starting to gain BAT tokens that way. It didn’t bother me but you can learn about the basic attention token and also Ox or ZRX. You can’t earn anything from these from learning, but there are a couple of videos here to go through. Advanced lessons are coming soon. 

So Coinbase adds more content overtime, but it’s a slow process and don’t expect something new every time you come back.

Some other ways you can earn tokens is like I said is signing up on Bitcoin. You get $10 of Bitcoin for signing up your friends and your friend has to use $100 worth of USD on Coinbase. That’s a great way to to earn more Bitcoin. Get started and just get a feel for it. I’ll do another video on… because you can do buy and sell crypto on Robinhood, and the Cash App, but there’s a different reason for why you can do it there. On Robinhood, you actually don’t own that crypto. If you just want to trade it, that is a great app to use.

I’ll probably do another video on just those apps but right now I wanted to tell you about Coinbase Earn. And of course, the Basic Attention Token. Here you can earn those coins or BAT tokens, I should say, just by surfing the internet and allowing their advertisers to advertise to you.

Those are some great ways to watch some films and to earn some cryptocurrency and like I said it’s about $50 or less, it’s not much but it’s a way for you to learn. I found it helpful because I learned about some coins that I had no clue that were around. I had seen there title but I had no clue what they were… they didn’t interest me… but these videos allow me to actually learn something new and in their Exchange, I got some of their tokens. You can hold on to those tokens and put them into your BRD wallet or Bread wallet as they call it or you can convert them into Bitcoin or Etherium and then you have more Etherium. 

So that’s all for this video guys. Hope you found it helpful and more to come down the road!

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