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BRD Mobile Crypto Wallet Overview

Hey guys, Matt here with Crypto Blick. Wanted to invite you on this amazing journey of getting you started in crypto. So little bit about myself… I have been in space for a couple years now I got interested in it through researching others online and hearing about what this thing was. And without going into too much detail because you know there’s plenty of creators out there building content and doing videos for you.


In terms of what cryptocurrency is… I advise you go out there and watch some of the amazing videos that are out there. I’m here to help you have a path to get started with in crypto because I’ve done this myself, I’vel tested out different platforms, different exchanges, different apps, different wallets, I’ve asked for advise from other people who have more knowledge in this space than I do… of “what’s the best wallet to go with?” “what are the best aspects of crypto?” and I’ve done my own research and so I was like “why don’t I produce a platform where it makes it easier for you the end user to get started?” 


Maybe you don’t want to invest several thousand into this kind of industry but you want to start with a couple hundred dollars and you want to see where that may go. I mean that’s what I did. 


I just wanted to test out the market. I wanted to see if this was something I wanted to get into long-term. For example, do I believe in the technology first and foremost and then let’s go from there let’s see what happens. Just looking at the website I’m just going to go through the four different stages right now that I have for you to take a look at.


The BRD wallet that is the mobile wallet that I prefer over any other mobile wallet right now. It’s the most secure and safest. I’ve talked to others about the BRD wallet because I started out on the Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet. Other suggestions that I have on the website are, the Coinbase wallet, the Exodus wallet… several different ones that you can do your own research on and see what you like. I prefer the BRD walletI can’t show you my phone at this time because I’m recording it from my phone.


I’m going to show you a step-by-step process.


We’re going to jump to Apple instead because I’m on my laptop, but I would have gone to the app store on a phone if we did it that way. You’re going to see different aspects here of what it looks like on the phone and of course there are ratings. Let me take you to the actual BRD wallet.


I already downloaded the BRD wallet to my phone. You’re going to see “Get Started”… boom click. It’s going to show you a little advertisement here… “Next.” Click “Next.” You don’t want to buy some Bitcoin at this point… you just want to browse first. So let’s set up the PIN. I’m just going to make it super easy, then again, and it’s set.

Remember your PIN, because that’s how you login!

“Generate Recovery Key” Alright… so you’re going to have these 12 different words and it’s going to be your recovery key for this particular wallet. Remember to write them down! Keep them safe! Because you are acting as your own bank. Remember that. So don’t just, you know, write this down and forget about it and throw the paper out or wherever you do.

Professionals advise you not to keep it on your computer. Place it in a safe and secure location, because this is the ONLY thing that will allow you to reopen up your wallet if for some reason your phone gets smashed or you lose your phone. Or you get a new phone and you need to re-upload the BRD app and you want to sync that wallet on to your new phone. You need your Recovery Key so keep that in mind. Keep it safe!

We’re going to have these 12 words and you’re going to write them down. I’m going to skip this step as right now because I don’t need to do that. This is what it’s going to look like… you’re going to see Bitcoin, Ethereum, BRD token, for example.

If you want to add more tokens, like say with the BAT token that you got from browsing on the Brave browser. Just scroll on down, click Basic Attention Token. It says it’s $0.13 right now on the market. And then you’ll see in your Activity, your transactions will be there if you start trading with it or you just are uploading your tokens to this wallet.


Go back here… same thing with that, you’re going to see Bitcoin here. You’ll have your activity. 


I love the BRD wallet most of all. Coinbase has one. Jaxx Liberty has one. Exodus has one. From studying and researching and talking to other people that have been in this space longer than I have, the BRD wallet is the best one at this time and is the most secure.


Here are more options down below… to buy and sell more crypto. If you want to do so through the app, always keep in mind each app is going to have their own fees so make sure you understand what you’re doing before you just willy-nilly go out there and start buying more Bitcoin. 


If you just want to start trading your Bitcoin and say you want to transition from Bitcoin to the BAT token or Etherium… you can do it this way within your own app. Also there’s other settings here as well. But yes, that’s the basic overview guys of the BRD wallet. I love the wallet because it allows me to hold on to my cryptocurrency. It allows me to see what I have available. If I want to trade it or if I want to send it to someone else to pay them through cryptocurrency, I can do that as well. This is the best option I have found for crypto and my crypto needs. Right now the BRD is what I recommend you to use and I will continue to use going forward for the foreseeable future.

So hop onto your iTunes account, download at BRD wallet, and let’s get started on getting you into cryptocurrency.

More videos to come guys. If you have any questions, comment below, follow along, subscribe to my account and I will be doing as many videos as possible when I feel the need to share more info with you going forward. Have an awesome day hang tight!

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