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Brave Browser - Sending to Uphold

Hey guys, Matt here with Crypto Blick just wanted to quickly do a Part #2 video for you of the Brave Browser. I figured with the last video I showed you on the brave browser I talked about the Bravery Rewards but I didn’t show you actually what it looks like on the Uphold platform. So here’s a quick video where I show you what it looks like when cryptocurrency is going from one platform to another. While I can’t show you exactly what happens, I figured at least I’ll show you what the inner workings look like on Uphold. So let’s dive in right now.


Once you login you’re going to see your favorite cards, you’re going to see Brave browser, BTC card, your Euro card and what you’re going to do with the rewards, the Brave Rewards is that you’re going to see it pushed to your Uphold Brave browser card.

You actually need to do that in the browser. As you’re collecting BAT tokens, Basic Attention Tokens, it’s going to save it on your browser and you actually need to tell it to send it to the Uphold Wallet. So you have to set up an account. It has to be verified. All the proper documentation has to be in place, but that’s pretty self-explanatory. And then you just have to send to your wallet on Uphold and it will come here… right on your Brave browser card. 


You’re then going to click on that one and you’re going to see this use funds. You can send it to your Uphold card or a member or email. Send it to their address… or what you need to do in this case if you want to send to your BRD wallet or another crypto wallet that you have… Click Send to Cryptocurrency or Utility Token. And then you’re going to have different options to choose from such as Universal tokens to send funds to, Cryptocurrency to send funds to… in terms of what crypto. Or choose a Utility token to send funds to.

So what you’re going to do now is because you’re earning BAT tokens on the Brave browser, and it’s in your BAT wallet on Uphold, you need to send it to a BAT wallet on your BRD wallet.

Remember, you can’t just take your BAT tokens and then send them to the BTC or ETH wallet address because that won’t translate. You have to actually convert them or trade them in order to turn them into Etherium tokens or BTC tokens, so keep that in mind.


Now, you’re going to click on the Basic Attention Token.

And why I do that is because right now, with BAT tokens, I’m just storing them up… I’m not using them for anything drastic. You know, converting them to BTC, it’s not worth it to me at this point. Maybe you have a reason for why you might want to convert them but I’m just showing you how to put them on your BRD wallet.

So then you’re going to input your address for the actual wallet on your BRD wallet for the BAT tokens. I’m just going to make one up, it looks something crazy like that. Alright so you going to put in the amount obviously says that’s an invalid destination, I know that. Say you have a specified amount… say I have 3.7 BAT on my wallet at the moment. You can also put a message if you want, I don’t.

You’re going to click confirm.


Obviously it won’t let me go further than this because it’s an invalid wallet address. But let’s just say I did it correctly, then let’s come down here… obviously it’s not liking what I have at the moment because I’m making everything up… but as you can see that’s the screen that you’re going to see moving forward.

We’re going to click “confirm” and then it’s going to push it to your BRD wallet.

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