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New to Crypto Currency? Earn Crypto Now

Follow these steps to earn crypto now. Invest in your future.

1. BRD Wallet

Download your BRD wallet to your phone.

2. Gemini

Next buy your first crypto amount on an Exchange.

3. Brave Browser

Browse on the Brave browser and earn BAT.

4. Hardware Wallet

Purchase for long-term storage - Ledger Nano S

Mobile Wallets

Best Crypto Mobile Wallets

Store your cryptocurrency safely on your own mobile device

BRD Wallet

BRD is a fully decentralized wallet that connects directly to the blockchain using a securely generated 12-word paper key.

JAXX Liberty

Easily send, receive and even exchange 90+ cryptocurrencies right in your wallet.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet makes it easy for you to securely store, send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Exodus Crypto Wallet

Send, receive & exchange cryptocurrency with ease on the world's leading Desktop, Mobile and Hardware wallets.


Learn From These Crypto Leaders

Hey guys, while I've been in this space for a couple years, I wanted to share with you some of the YouTube and Podcast channels I follow to stay up to date. Hope you gain as much insight and knowledge as I have from amazing creators such as these.
~ Matt from Crypto Blick


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Here's what you'll earn getting started

Bitcoin (BTC)

Earn $10 of Bitcoin for signing up and spending your first $100 USD on Gemini.

BAT on Brave Browser

Use the Brave Browser for free and earn BAT tokens.

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